About Us

We focus on getting the job done, on time and precisely as ordered. We bring a variety of technologies to meet the needs of some of the world’s most exacting customers, with FEA parts in service worldwide.

Whether you need one piece, or 10,000, FEA combines the right tools with the right experience.

Attesting to our broad, expert manufacturing capabilities, FEA has supplied the United States Department of Defense directly and indirectly since 2001.

FEA serves customers across the country, with the ability to ship nationwide. We also lend our able hands to numerous local businesses here in Florida.

Our diverse mix of satisfied customers ranges from architectural, automotive, and boat companies to deep sea drilling, retail stores, the U.S. military and more.

Our company uses the latest fabrication and estimating software. The only limitation to our capabilities is the maximum size of the part (currently 63” x 123″ x 7” thick max for waterjet).

FEA, Inc is fully woman-owned company.